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Breathe in, two, three, four …

From bed to chair

Those of you who are reading this and suffer with M.E. , CFS, Fybromyralgia or similar complaints, will truly understand my dilemma.

How the hell do you break the cycle of extreme fatigue, bed bound, wheelchair bound, walking stick, shower seat, blob that exists on the sofa, can’t even manage to watch your favourite TV programme as the sound and light are too much for your senses??

Well, I’ve done it!!


If I’m honest with you, shear determination, although, my journey still isn’t easy, and yes I still have to jump the next hurdle. I’ve become creative in my approach, and before anyone says it, It’s not as simple as ‘positive thinking’!!

I have had to change my belief and thought process. This is a really tricky one to tackle, especially as the ‘professionals’ we learn to trust, tell people in our position to, ‘take it easy’, ‘don’t push yourself’, ‘pace yourself’ and to ‘understand how your energy is spent in daily tasks’.

Yes, I agree to a certain extent. Resting when your energy levels are at an all time low seems a plausible and sensible piece of advice, but how did we get to that point in the first place? What have we done to our bodies? what is happening inside of our bodies?

While I absolutely don’t claim to have the scientific answer to all those questions, I can share with you the understanding I have about what has gone on in my body, what changes I have made, and how it has effected my symptoms. I have quite a bit to share, so will do this in several posts.

I Strongly feel that others would benefit from me sharing my learnings, I completely understand that what has worked for me, won’t work for everyone; However, There must be someone out there, with some research and studies of various people with similar symptoms and a ‘common ground’ must pop up from time to time?

I also strongly believe that there is no magic pill that has yet to be invented, that would be a blanket cure all for people that suffer with M.E/ CFS/ Fybro.

The Key to my ongoing recovery?

It’s simple, Cleansing my body of all toxins, and eating Organic, Whole food. I choose to be Vegan, I believe that Meat and fish are toxic to are bodies along with Gluten, wheat, any processed food and most importantly any chemical additives. Alkalising my diet, so my body has the right balance of Acid/Alkaline to optimise health.

For some, this may have made you take a short sharp breath of shock and horror! For others who are already on your search for recovery, I know that you have tilted your head in interest and are now giving this some serious thought.

I will go into more details about food in another post, as for us M.E. sufferers, the thought of food prep is an absolute joke!

For now, lets start at the very beginning, before I tackled food, where and how did I start?

Back in March 2015, I knew, that to change my current state, anything I did needed to be radical. I felt This wasn’t a choice, I felt it a necessity. I was sitting in my Hospital bed, admitted with Pneumonia, That if I didn’t change my life I was dying a very slow and painful death. It’s not something I had planned for my Husband and two boys. I had planned Life for living, days out at the beach, running in football fields, dancing, swimming, jumping and all things that make me feel alive.

woman with fruits and vegetables
Vegan Diet with Organic, whole foods, Alkalise your diet.

Trouble was, with already 4 years of suffering with M.E , being sedentary for so long I had piled on the pounds. At 22 stone and 5lbs, no energy, a diagnosed binge eater, addicted to sugar and carbs, I really didn’t have a lot going for me.

I started to look for alternative ways to change my weight, my general health and quickly learned that it wasn’t just the physical that was going to help my transformation. It was the mental/ Physiological issues that had to be dealt with first.

Now I am already hearing some M.E sufferers screaming at this article, ‘M.E. isn’t Psychological!!’ and I completely agree, it isn’t! it’s a group of very physical symptoms and very debilitating too. However, I’m not referring to the M.E. here, I’m referring to my internal self that real’s negative thoughts, that stop me from believing in myself, loving myself and my general self worth. How many sufferers sit in their chair/ bed and tell themselves ‘I am useless’ or ‘I used to have a job that made me feel useful’, ‘i’ll never get the feeling of self worth back, how can I just laying here like a blob’ ?

These were mantra’s I told myself everyday, especially being home alone for a lot of the time, while my husband worked and my children at school. However, I needed to start appreciating very small things to lift my mood. I needed to have gratitude for the world around me.

tony robbins graititude

I started ever so small with, ‘the warmth of the sunlight through my bedroom window gently warms my skin, I am enough’ or ‘ My Children’s smile warms my heart, they need me, to share their day, I am interested’ moving onto, ‘I am alive and life is worth living’. I then moved on to posting 3 reasons for being Grateful on Facebook everyday, grateful personally, grateful to my friends and family and grateful to nature. The posts were so popular, it really made me feel listened to and worthy of friendship.


For some, these mantra’s feel a million miles away from a reality, for many reasons, all of which will be personal to you. My advice is, start to think of life without any blocks in the way, start to think of how you would like to be living your life if there wasn’t anything in your way to stop you. What would your life be like if you had your health, enough money to be comfortable, a support network around you, no illness physically or mentally?

Paint that picture in your mind, really visualise yourself in full health, physically fit, what are you doing? what are you wearing? what colours are around you? sounds? smells?


with a ‘virtual’ fit and healthy you in your minds eye, what will your mantra be? butterfly tony robbins

Mine still is ‘ everyday, in every way, I’m feeling healthier and healthier, YES!’

This Mantra I have pinched from Tony Robbins Hour of Power. It’s where I started to begin to make a very small change in my daily routine, or should I say, getting a routine!

Every morning I make Lemon and ginger tea (with fresh lemon and ginger). for those who find getting out of bed a problem first thing, ask a carer, or your spouse, or anyone who helps you in your day, to make a flask of this tea to keep by your bed for first thing in the morning. This drink cleanses the gut, get your insides ready for the day and the ginger will help take the edge off any nausea. Then, a breathing technique taught by Tony Robbins, in ‘Hour of Power’ that helps your lymphatic system get going, wakens the whole body and for anyone who is immobile, I believe it begins to strengthen the core stability, to gently get moving again.

The technique:lemon and ginger tea recipie

four staccato breaths in through the nose –

One, Two, Three, Four

four sharp breaths out through the mouth –

One, Two, Three, Four

Keeping a steady rhythm, repeating this for 3 minutes.

To start with, you may feel a little light headed, this is NORMAL, and with practice, will subside. The reason for the light headedness is we don’t breath the way we should do, and don’t always get oxygen to all parts of our bodies, so your body gets a bit of an oxygen rush so to speak!! (or that’s my explanation anyway!)

you can add your mantra to the breathing technique:

Word I’m Feeling Healthier And Healthier YESSSS!

Yes, It’s quite tricky to breathe in and out and physically say words, However, with practice it is totally possible!

For starters, just say in your head while you physically breathe.

Now this is not something I have started and stopped, it’s part of my life. This isn’t a trick to fix you temporarily, it’s a technique to change your life, and definitely not to be stopped! build it in to your routine, or if like me, you have no routine, start your new way of life with this. It will give you purpose to breathe, think normal, positive and kind thoughts about yourself, it’s private, no one else even need to know you do it or even trying it!

notice how you feel after a couple of days ? or even after your first attempt of trying it?

Obviously, you can make your mantra suit you, my example above, is my own personal favourite, you can change it to anything you like as long as it fits with the rhythm. It could be something like, ‘everyday, in every, way – I’m feeling, happier, and Happier, YESSSSS!’

get a rhythm going, and really have conviction when saying ‘YESSSS!’

For me, this Technique was the start of me getting my life back. I progressed from just breathing sat in bed, to on a chair, to on a gym ball – bouncing and holding onto a windowsill (for dear life!) eventually progressing again to  simple chair  exercises, all in the space of eight weeks. Again I can hear you all screaming at the page, ‘NOOOOOO! graded exercise can kill!’ and yes that was a very big fear of mine. My answer to that is, 6 months down the line, I’m still here! I haven’t overdone my progression, I believe I have a future, a healthy one, I’ve wanted and still want a healthy and active future and each small step is a milestone towards it.

Fresh Lemon ginger tea, and a simple breathing technique, with a whole lot of gratitude thrown in. Who knew, this was the beginning of the new me?

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b4 n after



August 4th 2015: Changes

An entry written after Completing my first month with Detox ‘n Reboot.

So, the first month completed. A three day water fast, juices, smoothies, no gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, or medication and one colonic down. How do I feel? AMAZING! Was it easy? Not at first, and if you have a few minutes to spare, I will share with you the ins and outs (well, not all the gory details!) but my journey from the first day up until the present.

I suffer with Chronic fatigue syndrome, or some know it as M.E., I have and under active thyroid, loads of allergies to medicines, wheelchair user and for the last four years of my life been sedentary due to ill health, Much of my day spent in bed. From full time career girl to unemployed due to ill health, become morbidly obese, and longed to change my life. The trouble being, the NHS had no answers other than pills for symptoms, and surgery for obesity, the sooner the better. I went along with this for the last four years, but this year, after dealing with my binge eating disorder, and a spell of pneumonia in hospital, I began to  think that there had to be another way to treat my ailments, eat healthier and heal through nutrients. I began to dream of finding the answer, and read anything I could about healing properties of food. But where to start?? I had no idea, other than the ‘healthy proportioned plate’ by the nhs dietitians.

Stumbled across Detox ‘n Reboot

detoxreboot white

After spending a lot of time on face book, and doing a completely different task, I came across Detox and Reboot’s logo, and curious to know what this ‘detox’ was and how exactly the ‘reboot’ worked I asked Chris ‘what’s it all about then, and is it any good?’

This looked and sounded like the ‘thing’ I’d been searching for, could I do it though??

I slept on the idea, to be honest, I thought that if I gave this too much thought I’d talk myself out of it.

So, a long skype conversation with Chris, to ascertain at what stage my thoughts/ mindset  was, and bingo, I’m in!

The first three water fast days.

pink salts

I had decided to go all out, after all, if I was going to go through a detox, why would I want to put chemicals in my body? I needed to know the nutrients I was then going to put in were going to make a difference. So the detox meant for me, detoxing of meds too (I don’t advise anyone doing this without a G.P’s guidance. )


The first day, was absolutely fine, I had imagined I would keel over, and not cope without food for the first day let alone 3! 3 litres of water, with pink Himalayan salts, colan cleanse , sea and soil caps and probiotics (all available through Detox ‘n Reboot) helped the second and third day be complete clear out days. Yes my body had decided to eject all toxins from all exits, boy did I feel rough!!!  I really felt on the third day that I wouldn’t be able to carry on. This had to be the hardest day to date. I really hadn’t thought anything could be worse than being ill all day every day for four years, but hardcore detox…. Oh my! The good thing I began to realise was, it’s not ever going to be this bad again, why? Because after being that bad, there was NO WAY I was going to put anything past my lips again that would cause that!


By day four, things had calmed down and I started to introduce juices, and smoothies. This was a real tough one for my head to get around the weird blends, and also the colour GREEN.


Green was really not hitting home at all, in fact, the mere thought of the colour, the thought of anything green would   literally turn my stomach.  Day four was also the day to introduce WHEATGRASS shots. WELL, the green thing, the smell, ewwww! The only way I was going to get this down my neck was to do a small neat shot 3 times a day. Unfortunately, after more being violently sick and still trying to down it, I gave it a rest and concentrated on the juices and smoothies.


By day 6 and 7 I felt I could start introducing salad, and playing with new food ideas, a lot taken from Deliciously Ella (you can find her story and recipes on her blog). The biggest noticeable change by this time was, energy. I had energy to stay awake all day, I could feel as though I wanted to walk.



I haven’t mentioned exercise yet.  A very important part of fitness and wellness. Yes, but how was I going to achieve this crucial part being sedentary for the best part of the day? Chris had the answer. The bloke from ‘Shallow Hal’, yes Tony Robbins and his Hour of power. No, I couldn’t manage the hour, however I managed 5 minutes bouncing on the gym ball holding on for dear life to my window sill and taking four sharp staccato breaths in and four out, as well as gratitude and affirmations like, ‘every day I feel better and better, YES’ to the rhythm of the breathing. This made me feel alive, after that simple breathing exercise, my face tingled with life. My thoughts were set up for the day to’ do this’. A coping mechanism nicely put into my day, that really made a difference.

images (2)

After the first week of feeling, delicate, fragile and building myself up, the second week wasn’t going to be without effort.

Chris has surfed you tube to find me a chair to standing workout, progressively increasing the exercises and reps every other day. Each exercise designed to get some strength back into my wasting muscles, and corr. The first workout, was tough, at only 12 reps per exercise, how was I going to cope with this? Perseverance. Finding it hard, but keep on going knowing that the strength and fitness will come. I’m on my 4th week of exercise now, guess what? I’m up to 20 reps already and standing and sitting from my chair. I can walk round to get my shopping and choose my veg myself, something I couldn’t dream of 4 weeks ago. I have attempted to play Frisbee with my 9 yr old, again, amazing, I can walk with my stick, and not rely on a wheelchair. Still early days, however, the dramatic change is amazing. My friends are commenting how well I look, that I have the sparkle back, my skin is clear, I’ve lost 11kgs to date and just don’t ever feel the need to eat the way I did before. People are asking me what I am doing to look so different, my answer? ‘I’m enjoying healthy eating; a vegan diet and 30mins exercise daily.’



The food changes, I’m not going to real off loads of recipes here, all I will say is be brave and experiment.fruit

Be careful to get a great balance of greens to every meal, as I found out (going back to the green thing) fermenting fruits and veg in your system leaves you gripey and running to the toilet.

It’s a good idea to vary what you eat, so salads, juices, stir fry’s, roast veg, stews. Sticking to one favourite  ends up as food boredom and leaves you vulnerable to temptation.

I have a Husband, an 18yr old and a 9 yr old. All of which aren’t joining me on this venture, however, they have all said they want to be healthier now. So for anyone thinking how will I cope with the family as well? Do your own thing, be so sure this is your way now and don’t put yourself last on the agenda. If you’re the cook, try and be super organised and find the time to batch cook, have a soup, juice made in the fridge to grab when you have a ‘hunger must eat’ moment. A small handful of nuts for snacks and fruit in the bowl for 11’s.

It’s been a minefield of ‘What can I eat?’ but a few tried and tested recipes later and varying soups and salad, stews and roast veg I have a nice little thing going.

I am actually enjoying spices and herbs, tasting the food for real and enjoying every mouthful. It’s like being in your own restaurant.

I’ve had to adapt a few things in the kitchen, as standing and cooking was an absolute no, no. I have a perching stall in the kitchen, everything is at hand, and the washing up Has to be kept on top of as I use my blender and juicer daily. The deal is, I cook, the boys clean up. Hahahaha! I love it!


Wrapping up


To wrap up my first month? LIFE CHANGING! From bed to kitchen , from chair to walking and workouts, from online order to shop.

The most important to me is from ill, dying person to Mum and Wife.

The best is still yet to come.

Heartfelt thanks to Chris and Michelle for the program and constant support. My gift to you both is my continuing success. xxxx